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Note: Pure Spanish Andalusians are italicized

Horses for sale are highlighted in yellow; sold horses are in gray.
Name # Born Sex Color Sire Dam
Afortunada   03/28/1986 M Gray    
Amado   08/24/2004 S   PdC Granosa
Bendecir     04/XX/2001 S Dun Je Fe Double Ante
Brown Shoes     M Brown TB Perch
Caralina S00821 07/10/1992 M Gray Je Fe Abroganna
Carinna P00820 09/16/1992 M Gray Je Fe Sharon's Surprize
Centelleadora    05/02/2000 M Gray Je Fe Irlandessa
Coquetta   04/30/1986 M Chestnut Afortunado Stride
Desco   06/12/1994 M      
Dia de Gracias   11/25/2004 M   PdC Roll On Peppy
Dinero   02/19/2004 S   PdC Lo On Cash
Double Ante   447 10/30/1983 M Yellow Gray Estudiante #54  
Double Dose   06/07/1991 M Yellow Gray Cisco's Kid* Double Ante
El Conde    09/25/2002 S   PdC Lo On Cash
El Munchkin    04/17/1998 G Gray Je Fe Sharon's Surprize
El Tande P002078 06/02/1990 G Gray Je Fe Sharon's Surprize
Gitana P000415 04/08/1983 M Gray Estudiante #54 Echo
Golden Boy   01/24/2004 S Bay PdC Gitana
Granosa   09/12/1989 M Black Estudiante #54 Grannie's Corsette
Irlandessa   S000599 03/16/1986 M Gray    
Isabella   04/02/1998 M Gray Je Fe Irlandessa
Joli    08/31/1991 M Gray Cisco's Kid* Gitana
Jose   09/14/2002 S   PdC Granosa
La Magnifica   09/15/2002 M   PdC Sharon's Surprize
Lo On Cash   04/17/1995 M Chestnut    
Magnifico   09/28/2002 S Black PdC Tia
Manantial   05/11/1996 G Gray Je Fe Irlandessa
Mimado (M&M)   04/29/1998 G Yellow Gray Je Fe Double Ante
Minx       M Bay    
Partron demi Carazon 4786S 08/06/1998 S Bay  Portentoso V  Lebrijana XI
Saddle Shoes    03/20/2001 G Black Je Fe Brown Shoes
Sharon's Surprize 195788 07/31/1979 M Gray General  
Tamarack Je Fe   04/12/1986 S Gray  Tar El Niņo  Crown S Contessa III
Tango   05/07/1990 M   Je Fe Irlandessa
Tia   05/12/1998 M Black Je Fe Granosa
Two Shoes   05/20/1993 G Bay Cisco's Kid Brown Shoes

Note: Pure Spanish Andalusians are italicized
Horses for sale are highlighted in yellow;
sold horses are in gray.


* Cisco's Kid is a cross of Thoroughbred Dam and Pure Spanish Andalusian (Estudiante #54) Sire

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One of Je Fe's Champion Children The Andalusian horse is of Spanish heritage and is one of the oldest breeds in the world. In the 18th century, they were the prized mounts of Royalty and were most sought after in the field of combat.

The Conquistadors brought these horses to the Americas in 1496. In 1960, this ancient and aristocratic breed was once again imported to the United States.

Due to their great athletic ability and intelligence, they could be trained to do amazing, graceful movements, which became the beginning of Classical Dressage. Today, many horses can trace their ancestry to this noble and prolific breed. Their long flowing manes and tails, their natural ability and graceful airs set the Andalusian above all other breeds.

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